Female of the Week – What is it?

I currently work in my Local Comic Store and have worked there for the last three and a half years. Often we get people in trying to get into reading comics and a very large majority has been females, especially in the last year. The audience is continously growing and me and my fellow female co-worker Lauren always try to encourage females to pick up a Comic, or speak out about their interests in them.

I’m a very passionate Comic Fan and my dream is to hopefully work in the industry one day working with the fanbase and the audience it holds. Comics hold a very special place in my heart and I love seeing others enjoying them, and especially seeing the female audience blooming as it has been, and continues to do so.

I also love seeing a good female representation and character in Comics, and nothing makes me happier than reading a Comic that has a female lead that I can relate to or one that I think people could aspire to be like or enjoy reading about.

So, I decided that weekly I’d write up a post about my ‘Female of the Week’. This will just be me blabbering on about a female portrayal or character in a Comic that I’ve particularly enjoyed. Of course, some people may not agree with what I’ve written in some of my posts but it will be my own view and opinions that I hope may encourage someone to perhaps look into that character or pick up their Comic series or issue.

So please sit back, read my mindless chatter and don’t be offended by my terrible grammer. I do hope you all enjoy :)

Grayson #1 Review – No spoilers, only hints.

So, Dick Grayson is my favourite comic character of all time and if you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’ve really been disappointed in his New52 portrayal due to his history being basically removed.

I loved that you could say he was the most connected hero in the DC Universe, he was the first ever sidekick and he bridged the gap between the original heroes that existed within the Justice League and the future generations.

So, you can hopefully forgive me for being on the fence about any upcoming Dick Grayson appearances, and when I first read of this ‘Grayson’ title I had mixed feelings. A secret agent? I could think of plenty other Batfamily members that were a helluva lot more subtle than our ex-Flying Grayson but I could see how it was possible. He’s been written undercover many-a-time and it would bring something fresh to his character that hadn’t been seen in the New52.

And thus, the more I read about the upcoming Grayson title the more I was intrigued and excited by what the title could hold for him and boy was it definitely worth getting excited about because if you’re a Grayson fan this is a dang good issue.

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Nightwing Recommendations – Comixology Sale

So, Comixology are having a week long sale on Nightwing related Comics for the lead up to the release of ‘Grayson’. There’s the 1995 4 issue mini series, the 1996-2008 series beginning with all of Chuck Dixon’s run, the New52 2011-2014 run and then 14 issues that involve Nightwing as a big character in the storyline such as some Tales of the Teen Titans and Birds of Prey.

So, having Dick Grayson as my favourite character I’ve read quite a bit of Nightwing so I have a basic idea of a lot of his storyline’s and of all of the issues that are up for sale and this lead to a array of people asking me for recommendations on where to start with the sale issues so I’m writing this post to help some people out :)

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So, I’m a huge user on twitter and I’ve gotten to know multiple people on there very well. We often have huge big Batman-related conversations so now we’ve made a ‘group’ and a hashtag just to keep track of it day-to-day :)

The members at the moment are

Today we’ve become the temporary #SillyRedHoodGang hahaha
Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 12.09.42Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 11.59.16


We’ve also decided that we are going to do this every Sunday now on twitter under the hashtag #SillyBatfamSunday :D